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We are Gel Coat Solutions™ a division of IMC™ - International Marine Concepts. We are Do-It Yourselfer's that pride ourselves in a job done well. Our product makes the repair of gel coat (fiberglass) finishes simple by eliminating the complexity of multiple components into a single use bottle. We have taken the science and guesswork out of color matching to give you a simple system where you dial in the correct color, pump, mix and fill. This product can be used in the repair of common gel coat products such as boats, dock boxes, tubs and showers and campers. Our product will save you time and money and give you the satisfaction of a job well done by you!

Gel Coat Solutions™

Our Mission:

Our goal is to aid in making your repairs simple while giving you the look of a professional repair. We give you affordability and the best color match using true OEM product.


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